A work of immersive quebec to Cannes

Une œuvre immersive québécoise à Cannes

The work immersive Icarus, new creation of the director and stage director, quebec Michel Lemieux, will receive its world premiere this week at the festival Cannes XR Virtual.

This event is dedicated to “immersive” experiences and virtual reality will be held online from June 24 to 26, in the margin of the Marché du film of the Cannes film Festival.

Adapted from a show that Michel Lemieux and his sidekick Victor Pilon, has presented at the TNM in 2014, Icarus plunges the viewer in the skin of Icarus, the young man who burns its wings in trying to reach the sun.

Icarus is not really a movie, says Michel Lemieux in interview to the Newspaper. It is an immersive experience that must be experienced with a virtual reality helmet. Is a movie mixed with a video game and theatre. “

Icarus was originally scheduled to be launched last April the stream virtual reality the Tribeca film Festival in New York. But like all great events of the spring festival, the new york-founded by actor Robert De Niro has been cancelled due to the pandemic.

“We had to go to New York with our equipment to introduce our creation to the public on-site,” says Michel Lemieux. Icarus was also to be presented at the Phi Centre this summer. But everything has been cancelled due to the pandemic. This is only a postponement, I hope. We are very excited to present this creation to the public. “

A world to discover

Known for its performances of multidisciplinary shows and for her work with l’opéra de Montréal and the Cirque du Soleil, Michel Lemieux says he wants to concentrate more in the virtual reality in the years to come.

“What is fascinating in the virtual reality is that it is a virgin territory,” he observes. There has been a lot of documentaries that have been made in virtual reality, but few works of narrative or fiction. It is still in the infancy of this technology but in my opinion, it’s going to go very far. Virtual reality and augmented reality will eventually become part of our life. “

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