A worker of rank comes to the aid of farmers

Une travailleuse de rang vient en aide aux agriculteurs

JOLIETTE | psychological distress of farmers in the Lanaudière region is such that the UPA has a worker of rank, which pave the way of this little known trade, practised by a dozen women in Quebec.

“I saw the whole immersion in the world of agriculture, while some of the hang out of depressive states for a long time “, stated from the outset, Diane Carle, who has notably worked in psychiatry at the Direction de la protection de la jeunesse (DPJ) and among the elders.

A social worker by profession, Ms. Carle has been hired as a worker of rank by the Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA) de Lanaudière in February.

In demand

“It’s been two years that we had the thought of hiring a worker of rank, but we did not have the financial resources “, for its part, explained Annie-Claude Moreau, respondent in the record of the psychological health of the’UPA de Lanaudière.

“Some of our members asked for it, so that it was more taboo in the past,” she continued.

Although Diane Carle is not the only one to do this job in Québec, few people are aware of its existence. In fact, they are only 12 women to exercise in different regions of the province.

“I had to speak to a doctor who asked me, “what is it, a worker of rank”. There are still a lot of work to do, ” stressed Ms. Carle.

So she had to quickly integrate into this environment that she did not know, by participating, for example, at several annual general meetings of farmers.

“At the beginning, it was chinese to me, these meetings illustrated the lady. I distributed a lot of business cards discreetly, eventually they called and I had of the reports. “Ms. Carle has had a fifty communications with farmers, 21 of which supported direct for the past four months.

“The biggest problem is related to the financial uncertainty, she summary. Currently, it’s not going well with the fever, and there is a loss of revenue that will occur with the quota of milk. “

There are also a lot of family conflicts related to farm succession missing, isolation, and uncertainty related to the weather and to diseases of animals.

“The farm is the family, and the family, it is the farm. With other types of groups, such as the DYP, you have the house, the family, but the work is at hand “, she noted.

During the COVID

Ms. Carle has been able to make a limited number of emergency response for the containment, do that by phone. Equipped with a visor, she now meets people in the last few weeks.

Ms. Carle also go and make courtesy visits in the ranks soon.

For all the information of the workers, rank, visit the psychological health of the website of the UPA.

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