A year after the imbroglio over Greenland, Pompeo in a visit to Denmark

Un an apr├Ęs l'imbroglio sur le Groenland, Pompeo en visite au Danemark

COPENHAGEN | A year after the imbroglio on the offer to purchase by Donald Trump of Greenland, the leader of american diplomacy Mike Pompeo arrived Wednesday in Denmark for a visit focused on cooperation in the Arctic on the background of the referred chinese.

After a first step in the United Kingdom on Tuesday, secretary of State, which was raised to 10 a.m. (4 a.m. in Montreal) at the Copenhagen airport, must meet the first Danish minister Mette Frederiksen and her counterpart Jeppe Kofod, who has also invited the leaders of the foreign Affairs of Greenland, and the Faroe islands, another Danish territory.

“As we are going to discuss our relationship in the Arctic, my colleagues in Greenland and the Faroe of course, should be seated at the table. I attach crucial importance to this,” said Mr Kofod.

Considering the United States “as his ally absolutely the closest”, according to the minister, Denmark has displayed its line of nato for the past 20 years by sending troops in the theaters of Afghanistan and Iraq, and participating in the military intervention in Libya.

A redemption is “absurd”?

But the very good agreement that was disturbed last August by a very unexpected redemption of Greenland, a huge territory of over 2 million square kilometres in the heart of the Arctic, and strategic asset undeniable to the small Denmark.

Provocation of the poet of the “Make America Great Again,” in quest of an improbable 51st State? Or expression of the renewed strategic interest of the America to the Arctic, where Russia and the new great rival chinese grow as their pawns?

The output of the american president had, perhaps, expressed a message more complex than it seems, according to experts, while Washington, which has its air base in the more northern Thule to the far reaches of northern Greenland, was rather disinterested in the arctic territory since the end of the cold War.

In a statement released Tuesday evening, the State Department has highlighted the role of Denmark and Greenland in the Arctic, “particularly at the moment where we see enhanced activity in the region by Russia and China”.

Ms. Frederiksen was described as”absurd” the proposal by the tenant of the White House. The latter had immediately cancelled a State visit to Copenhagen is planned in September 2019, lamenting the ” tone “villain” of the head of the Danish government.

A few phone calls were made to lower the pressure. On 10 June, the United States, 67 years after you have closed it, reopened a consulate in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, with the green light from Copenhagen. And in April, the government of greenland has accepted $ 12.1 million of american aid for civilian projects.

“What we said in the past and what we’re doing today, these are two different things. And this, this is what we said today”, said Tuesday evening AFP the representative of greenland Steen Lynge.

Last week, the middle of Donald Trump had put back on the front of the stage, a sensitive topic for diplomacy Danish: the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 between Russia and Germany, held in contempt by Washington, because it may increase the dependency of Europe on Russian gas.

The former boss of the CIA has opened the way in July to a tightening of sanctions imposed in December by Donald Trump against the companies involved in the project. A line is denounced with force by the EU and Berlin, the main beneficiary of the pipeline.

Nord Stream 2

Last countries concerned have to give the green light on, Denmark was expected at the end of October 2019 to do so.

If Copenhagen had denied any foreign pressure, a diplomatic source had told AFP the challenge for the small nordic country to accommodate the competing interests of its two major allies, the United States and Germany.

The relations between the great powers had dominated the visit of Mike Pompeo on Tuesday in London. He called on the world to stand up to China, after talks with the british government, in the cold with Beijing on Hong Kong and on the exclusion of the chinese giant Huawei’s network 5G uk.

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