A year later, still work to complete on the bridge, Samuel De Champlain

Un an plus tard, encore des travaux à compléter sur le pont Samuel-De Champlain

A year after celebrating the official opening of the pont Champlain in the traffic in both directions, work on it are not quite completed.

Touch-up painting, paving and completion of landscaping: there is still work to do on infrastructure, which is completed at 98%.

Moreover, let us not forget that the express Network metropolitan (REM) will circulate on the central apron of the new crossing.

A sign that the site is newly installed, the preparatory work for the installation of rails have recently started.

The teams are busy at the present time to the preparation of the formwork for the concrete beams. These are large concrete structures that will support the future tracks of the EMN.

The railings that will be used to prevent falls of persons in the vacuum are also under construction.

“It’s an electric train, it is necessary to [take] account of so-called parasitic currents that can develop in the bridge deck,” says Normand Tétrault, president of Soconex.

But a year later, it is still impossible to know the amount of the penalties that will be imposed on the SSL, the consortium responsible for the construction of the bridge, for delays of several months. These could reach $ 150 million.

For its part, Infrastructure Canada confirms that discussions are still ongoing, and adds that this “is not unusual in large-scale projects, such as the one of the bridge corridor Samuel-De Champlain, that such issues be addressed after the completion of construction work”.

Finally, please remember that the contract for the demolition of the old Champlain bridge has just been signed. An invoice that amounted to$ 225 Million, which will be direct charges coming related to the implementation of health measures in a pandemic situation.

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