A young Hippo playing with crocodiles: video

Юный бегемот играет с крокодилами: видео

Юный бегемот играет с крокодилами: видео

A young Hippo playing with crocodiles: video

In Kruger Park tourists again were lucky to see the unusual scene from the world of wildlife.

17 APR 2019 17:08


The owner of the guest farm “Zur Alten Mine” near the Kruger national Park, one day your friends to enjoy the Savannah and its inhabitants. Soon they stopped at the observation deck sunset Dam, which is on the verge of the river lower Sabie is one of the best places to see the Nile crocodiles, hippos, river birds and many other animals come to drink. That’s where the tourists and were lucky to see the unusual scene.

First, they noticed that from a group of tourists in the water hippos were separated very young and ‘edgy’, according to the tourists, baby. He got to shore, where the sun basked a few Nile crocodiles, and he began to molest one of them with a clear desire to play with a huge reptile. To the surprise of the audience, the crocodile didn’t even try to put the sparkle baby in place while he jumped next to him and even tried to bite. Reptile just slowly went in the water, where he fled from Hippo.

Frustrated by this turn of events, the cub decided to try his luck with another representative of African fauna, such as Buffalo came to drink. But he, unlike crocodiles, has not been configured to tolerate underfoot of Hippo. He with threatening look drove him back into the water, and the kid chose to return to his mother.

In nature the adult Hippo little enemies. A serious danger may be only a lion or Nile crocodile, however, due to the large size, great strength and long fangs adult male may be unsustainable mining and for several lions. The crocodile is not able to harm an adult Hippo, but can injure the baby. However, little Hippo that apparently was not embarrassed, and exasperated by his playful behavior, the crocodile did not hurt the baby, but simply retreated into the water. Experts also note that the Behemoth this behavior is also unusual: normally they love to play with other canines. And while playing with a crocodile Hippo noticed before, he was much bigger and more Mature.

“We never saw the Hippo approaching the big crocodiles without fear! The events began for us with an unusual spectacle,” – shared his impressions of the Mount Rainer (Rainer Mauthe), one of the eyewitnesses of the incident.

Look like a Hippo rescued a wildebeest two crocodiles.

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