A young surfer killed by a shark in Australia

Un jeune surfeur tué par un requin en Australie

A surfer of 17 years died after being attacked by a shark off a beach on the east coast in Australia, has announced the police on Saturday.

The teenager surfed to Wooli Beach, 630 kilometres north of Sydney, when he was bitten on the leg by the dogfish shark.

“Several surfers came to his rescue before the young man is brought back on the shore,” said the police of the State of New South Wales, in a press release. The young surfer has died on the spot, despite the attempts of resuscitation.

It is the fifth fatal attack shark in Australia since the beginning of the year, after the death of a man of 36 years, which occurred a week ago while fishing with a harpoon to Fraser Island, a resort island located 400 kilometres north of Brisbane.

Australia is one of the countries where the attacks of sharks are most common, but they are rarely life-threatening.

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