Aaron Judge: The real longball champion?

Aaron Judge: The real longball champion?


Roger Maris Jr. was an attentive spectator Wednesday night at Rogers Center when Aaron Judge tied his father's mark for most homers in a season in the American League. According to him, the New York Yankees giant deserves more recognition in the Major League Baseball record books. 

In an interview with the media after the game, Maris Jr. said that brands established by Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were not legitimate. The three men are the only men to edge out Judge for the most long runs in a year, but their careers have been splattered with doping allegations.

The Maris son was very happy to see the American record that his father set in 1961 finally being equaled, and this, by a “clean” hitter. Against the Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday, Judge kicked a 61st ball out of bounds in 2022.

“It means a lot to me. I wrote two years ago on Twitter asking if Aaron Judge was to hit 62 home runs, how that feat should be celebrated. […] He should be recognized as the undisputed single-season long-ball champion, not just the American League record holder,” he said.

McGwire, who hit 70 home runs in 1998 and 65 the following year, admitted to using steroids during his time in the majors. Bonds, who holds the all-time record with 73 shots, and Sosa, author of three seasons of over 60 long shots, have always denied using banned substances during their careers.

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Judge will try to stretch his arms again during the Yankees' seven remaining regular season games. It was also with the Bronx Bombers that Roger Maris Sr. had hit his most home runs in a campaign. His son will support number 99 until the end.

“I don't know anyone better in the world of baseball than Judge to be an example and to succeed in doing so. He is the face of baseball,” he said.