Abandoned by her friends the day of their “friendsgiving”

Abandoned by her friends on the day of their & laquo; friendsgiving & rdquo; p> MISE & Agrave; DAY

A woman who had been planning a Thanksgiving dinner for herself and her friends for weeks was on the verge of tears when none of them showed up for the party.

According to Christian Zamora, Maryann's boyfriend, Maryann had decorated everything and spent hours preparing the feast, only to be left to her own devices after her friends gave her false good. & Nbsp;

In a video that went viral on TikTok, Christian Zamora explains that none of his friends told him they weren't going to be present.

“She was very excited for her first 'friendsgiving' ', but no one came. She decorated the entire basement and cooked so much food. I'm trying to cheer him up, but nothing is working, “he writes in the video, which has been viewed over 14 million times.

In the video, the tiktoker walks around the room to show all the preparations that have been made for the evening which was to be festive and to celebrate friendship. Maryann is also seen sitting alone at the table as she struggles to hold back tears.

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“Everything was planned, everything was ready. But when the day came, no one answered him in their group conversation. No one was texting or calling. She thought everyone was going to be late. Three hours later, she realized that no one was coming, “says Christian Zamora in another video.

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Fortunately, the latter partly saved the evening, so that he and his friends came with her.

“She called me to tell me what had happened. So I headed over to his house and on the way invited a few friends, “he said.

Still, Maryann was not angry. She was rather disappointed with her own friends. She still had good company and had a good time, according to Christian Zamora.

For her part, Maryann has ended her friendship with those who did her wrong.

“Obviously, I took them out of my life. But it's been a good evening. His friends and his brother came and they brought things. We had a great time, ”she says in one of the videos.

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