Abduction and killing of a man in Laval : two suspects arrested

Enlèvement et homicide d’un homme à Laval : deux suspects arrêtés

Three years after the facts, the investigation on the kidnapping and killing of a man linked to organized crime and abandoned along highway 13 knows eventually ending with the arrest of two suspects.

Manual Savoie, 45, and Marc Laflamme-Berthelot, 36 years of age, appeared by video conference at the palace of justice in Laval today to respond to charges of manslaughter, kidnapping and forcible confinement. They remain in prison pending the result of the procedures and need to go back before the judge at the beginning of June.

The victim in this folder, Kellen Seow, had been abducted in the parking lot of the restaurant, Tutti Frutti Laval on march 21, 2017 and beaten. The man, 34-year-old had then been abandoned along highway 13, less than five kilometres from where he had been kidnapped. It was there that he was found dead shortly after.

According to our information, the victim and the two suspects are linked to organized crime and a history of narcotics would be at the origin of the crime.

Savoie was arrested in the parking lot of the hardware store Rona Terrebonne yesterday morning. As SQ had reason to believe that he could be dangerous, the intervention group tactics (IMT) is responsible to pass him the handcuffs.

A search was also conducted at his home in Mascouche shortly after.

The arrest of his alleged accomplice, Marc Laflamme-Berthelot, was much more simple. The thirty-year-old was already in the prison of Port-Cartier, in Côte-Nord, where he is serving a sentence for being introduced in the mafioso Francesco Del Balso in may 2017.

With an accomplice, Laflamme-Berthelot presented hooded in the ex-strong man of the clan Rizzuto, where he would have asked to see it. Del Balso was absent, but immediately contacted 911 when he was informed by text message that something grave was happening in him. The two suspects, armed, and reportedly pointed their gun on the wife and the two children of the mafia, in addition to the beaten.

They were arrested shortly after at the end of a short chase.

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