Abortion: Iowa gives itself the strictest law

The governor of the state of Iowa on Friday passed the most restrictive law on abortion in the United States, banning abortion (abortion) from the moment the heartbeat is detected, as early as the sixth week of pregnancy.
The art critics of the text, which includes exceptions for victims of rape and incest, blame him that many women are not yet aware of being pregnant at such an early stage of pregnancy.

Abortion was legalized in the United States in 1973, but the debate remains intense on the subject and divisions are deep between the pro-life ( pro-life ) and the pro-choice that defend this right.

The law promulgated by Iowa Republican governor Kim Reynolds was passed Wednesday by the parliament of this rural state in the central United States.

It is in addition to many laws passed in the most conservative states of the United States to restrict the right to abortion as much as possible.

As elsewhere, the restrictions imposed in Iowa may lead to a battle in the courts, up to the Supreme Court. This is what anti-abortionists want by betting on a fairly conservative court to overturn the 1973 judgment.

“I understand and expect that this will likely be challenged in court,” said Governor Reynolds in a statement after the promulgation.

“However, this is more important than just a law. It’s about life. I will not give in on who I am or what I believe in, “she added.

“Half a century back”

Opponents of this law reject a text that denies many women the right to resort to abortion before they even know they are pregnant.

“It effectively blocks the right to abortion for most women,” Veronica Fowler, spokesperson for the ACLU in Iowa, said on Wednesday. This powerful civil rights group felt the new law would bring “Iowa women back nearly half a century back.”

On Friday, the ACLU announced on Twitter that it will take legal action “to block this clearly unconstitutional law.”

The pro-life wish for them is that before the US Supreme Court, which legalized abortion with its 1973 decision called Roe v. Wade.

In 2016, however, the Supreme Court dismissed appeals in North Dakota and Arkansas after local courts struck down similar legislation on heartbeat.

But opponents of abortion today see Donald Trump as an ally: he was the first American president to speak from the White House in support of their annual “Walk for Life” in Washington, DC last January .

Anti-abortionists are now hoping that he will have the opportunity to appoint at least one more Conservative judge to the Supreme Court, thus shifting the balance of the highest US court on this thorny issue.

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