Abortion rights canceled: “It's God's will”, says Trump

Abortion rights revoked: 'It's God's will', says Trump


The reversal of the right to abortion decided Friday by the Supreme Court of the United States responds to the “will of God”, said former US President Donald Trump.&nbsp ;

The decision “follows the Constitution,” and “brings everything down to the state level, which should always have been the case,” he told Fox News.

< p>Asked about his own role, for having appointed three judges and thus frankly tilting the majority of the high court in the conservative camp, the Republican billionaire replied: “It is the will of God”.

In a press release, he nevertheless assigned himself a leading role.

“Today’s judgment, which is the greatest victory for life in a generation, with d other recent rulings, was made possible only because I kept my promises, including appointing and installing three highly respected and strong constitutional scholars to the United States Supreme Court- United,” he said. “It was a great honor for me!

The ex-president argued that he had “not flinched at the radical Democratic left, his bogus media partners,” or non-Trumpist Republicans.

“These major victories demonstrate that even if the radical left does everything possible to destroy our country, your rights are protected, the country is defended,” said the man who openly flirts with the possibility of running for the House again. White in 2024.