About pregnancy and motherhood: Jennifer Lopez gave an unexpected interview

Jennifer Lopez has answered the questions of their children

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О беременности и материнстве: Дженнифер Лопес дала неожиданное интервью

Jennifer Lopez

Famous American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, who last month became engaged to businessman Alex Rodriguez, has pleased fans of unusual interviews. The star candidly spoke about pregnancy, birth and motherhood of their own children!

On Youtube-channel 49-year-old Lopez has a video in which she answers questions from the 11-year-old twins Emma and max. Related video she also shared in Instagram.

“During my career, I was interviewed a million times, and I’ve always asked the same questions. So I decided it would be funny if this time I will be interviewing Emma and Max,” said J. Lo.

During the conversation Emma and Max asked the singer about her Hobbies, and asked how to change the life of a celebrity with the advent of children.

“You’ll never know what it’s like to be a parent until they become. I remember saying to all my friends with children before, but once I had you, I immediately took it all back and apologized to them,” admitted Lopez.

She added that she was shocked to learn that waiting for the twins. “I was just in shock and couldn’t believe it, so just a very long and loudly laughed,” said Lopez.

Recall that Jennifer Lopez gave birth to Emme and Maximilian in 2008 from singer Marc Anthony. In 2014, the celebrity couple broke up.

Earlier, Alex Rodriguez told how he was preparing to make an offer to Jennifer Lopez. According to him, every detail had been rehearsed dozens of times. Rodriguez even took a knee before his assistant represent how does offer J. Lo.

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