About you know everything: how Google and Apple track users.

Experts revealed the “conspiracy” spy on users Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook

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О вас знают все: как Google и Apple следят за пользователями

A brief conclusion of the experts – know all about you

Experts from Security Baron, a company that focuses on security, has studied the privacy policies of Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, Amazon and Microsoft. To make it easier for users to understand how corporations monitor their personal lives, experts have put together a handy infographic.

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So, what corporate giants know about you? A brief conclusion Security Baron – almost everything! The most “ruthless” in this list was Facebook, which collects and stores all available information about users, including income level, race, religion, political views and preferences about advertising. In addition, all corporations have information about your phone number, email, location and even the types of devices used.

“Facebook is extremely aggressive. These data can be used by advertisers and third parties”, – noted in Security Baron.

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The most conservative on the list was Twitter. The microblogging service does not require name, gender, or birthday, but Twitter requires a phone number, email address, time zone, collects information about the currently viewed content and more.

When it comes to data collection, Google and Microsoft are the major players that even read personal correspondence and eavesdrop on conversations. Apple in this respect far behind.

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“Due to the fact that Cortana is listening, and Gmail scans all emails, rules require Google and Microsoft to give them access to the unreasonably large number of confidential information”, – noted in Security Baron.

We will remind that earlier the co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak called on everyone to “escape from Facebook”. Moreover, one of the developers of Facebook called the social network “threat”.

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