Above the fray, Simon Gouache delivers a very effective third solo show

Above the fray, Simon Gouache delivers a third show very effective solo


This is without a doubt one of the most anticipated comedy shows of the winter. For his third solo, simply titled LIVE, Simon Gouache does not disappoint. His jokes about Hi Hello, going through the suburbs, his new life as a dad, the environment and geniuses are very effective and we suggest a good continuation in the career of the 38-year-old comedian.

In the interview, Simon Gouache did not act in false modesty. The comedian, father of two young children aged 2 years and 4 months, sincerely believes that his new show will be a defining moment in his career. 

After attending his Montreal premiere on Tuesday evening at L'Olympia, we can prove him right. At least for the first part of the show.

During the first 30 minutes on stage, Simon Gouache pulls out all the stops and gives us his best material from the start. < /p>

Everything happens there, from his discovery of the morning show Salut Bonjour (“Before, for me, it was like Finland, I had no reason to believe that it didn't exist, but I had no proof”), to Starfrit advertisements (“they're about to make tanks, in three, four years, you'll be driving a Starfrit “), to his new life in the suburbs (“my neighbor knows how to do everything, I live next to a Swiss penknife!”).

Slower pace

When he is in top form, Simon Gouache rises above the crowd of comedians of his generation. This first part of his new show is a rolling fire of gags that give us very little respite. Efficiency at the quarter turn.

The second part of the show however suffers from this breathless start, because the rhythm is less sustained there. The gags are a little less machine-gunned and some topics, like live entertainment, seem less related to the rest of the material. Too bad.

Fortunately, this small drop in efficiency does not compromise our pleasure in listening to the comedian tell us about his new life as a dad. Towards the end of the show, Simon Gouache even has fun with a little joke about vaccines, a segment he admits he can't wait to do in the region.

Precise and surgical

Working once again with his longtime acolytes – Marie-Christine Lachance on stage direction and Pascal Mailloux on script-editing – Simon Gouache shows us what his years of hard work have been able to pay off. His text is precise and almost surgical.

Staying away from other media such as television and radio, Simon Gouache has built his audience through word of mouth. We bet that with LIVE, his fan base will only grow.

In the first part, François Boulianne set the table well, even if his jokes about life in high school were sometimes agreed . “It's been 20 years since I last went to school. YouTube didn't exist.”

However, he made us laugh when he talked about how important religion was in his family when he was young. “I went to church every Sunday in my childhood. I confessed at 9 years old! What are you saying at this age? Forgive me for playing too much?”

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