Absent health workers: “We don’t want to lose more!”

Absent health workers: “We don’t want to lose more!”

Prime Minister François Legault said Tuesday, during his press briefing to announce the restrictive measures, that 7,411 health workers were absent from the network for various reasons.

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Nurses and orderlies, for example, fell in battle in the middle of the second wave. Others have simply decided to leave the industry.

“I would tell you that what has not helped is the suffering day after day, deplores Denyse Joseph, vice-president of the Fédération des infirmières du Québec. When you’re always working 200 miles an hour providing patient care, it’s quite difficult physically and psychologically.

“Since the cuts in the network, we have seen the rates of illness and accidents increase. Since Bill 10, we have seen a meteoric rise. ”

Consequently, the lack of personnel will have a direct impact on those who are sent to the front lines during the holidays.

The CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal recently asked nursing and cardio-respiratory personnel, paratechnical personnel, auxiliary services and trades, as well as technicians and professionals in the health and social services to cancel their vacation on a voluntary basis between December 13 until January 30.

The administration then corrected the situation.

“Of course, this year is special with the load shedding. Activities will not be performed such as surgeries which will be reduced and diagnostic appointments which will be postponed. Employers will move staff to centers where they are needed to care for patients.

“They will look on a case-by-case basis to see what they can do.”

Absent health workers: “We don’t want to lose more!”

Need some rest

Ms. Joseph makes no secret of the fact that healthcare workers are running out of steam and need rest.

“The goal is to give respite to all healthcare professionals, who are exhausted,” she insists. We’re not going to hide it, they’re exhausted and we don’t want to lose any more. (The nurses) have been at the front for nine months, day in and day out, with an overload of work.

“We must give them a break.”

Ms. Joseph also indicated that several hospitals are deprived of essential materials.

“The N95 mask should be provided to anyone who works with those who may have COVID. This is not the case and we must constantly put pressure on the government. ”

Finally, the VP of the FIQ invites the population to respect the restrictive rules put in place by the government of Quebec so as not to further overburden the already fragile hospital network in order to better care for patients.

“If we have to go to essential services, respect the rules!”

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