Absolute Record of temperature in may in Montreal

Record absolu de température en mai à Montréal

Montréal has announced on Wednesday the hottest day in its history in may, the mercury climbing to 36.6 degrees Celsius.

The maximum temperature Wednesday was the second highest recorded in the metropolis, approaching the alltime high of 37.6 degrees (1 August 1975).

“Yesterday was a day of extremely intense, it is a day that has been record-breaking in many places of Quebec “, told AFP Simon Legault, Environment Canada meteorologist.

The previous record for the month of may in Montreal (34,7) was registered on 26 may 2010.

“We are still in the month of may, it is that which is particular to this heat wave: it is powerful,” added the meteorologist about the heat wave prevailing in Quebec and Ontario since the beginning of the week.

The phenomenon is all the more striking that Montrealers have seen falling snow flakes there are less than three weeks.

“This is even hotter than the records set in June and July, it is a wave that is extremely hot for Montreal,” said Mr. Legault.

In Ontario, the capital Ottawa broke a record for a may 27, with 35 degrees.

This heat wave is explained by the upwelling to the north of the continent, moist air from the gulf of Mexico, in the south of the United States.

On Thursday, temperatures ranged between 30 and 33 degrees on a large portion of Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, where warnings of heat were in force..

The airport Trudeau compiles statistics weather since 1942, but those of another station in the city centre dating back to 1875.

This heat wave should end, “aware of the night of Friday to Saturday,” with the passage of a cold front and the rain is back.

In addition to the parks, remained open during the pandemic, the city of Montreal was exceptionally reopened for the heat and jets of water to allow the population to cool off.

The city of Montreal is the epicentre of the pandemic in Canada, identifying more than one-third of the approximately 6.900 death in the country.

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