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Academic delays: it's the end of recess for students

Academic delays: it’s the end of recess for students ves


After two years of distance learning and leniency from teachers, the end of the school year is difficult for many students, who must now master all the concepts to succeed in their school year.< /strong>

Sylvain Dancause is a secondary school teacher. He sees an increase in magical thinking among students.

“I think some young people have taken to distance schooling habits during the pandemic and they have kept this rhythm”, a- he said.

In several classes, the gap between the weakest and strongest result increased from 20% to 40%.

Interviewed by TVA Nouvelles, a young student who has just finished her second year of high school says that the teachers are more severe.

“There are many young people who do not believe us when we tell them that they are in danger of failing “[or that they] risk [doing a] summer course. Some even find it funny, and say ''sir, I can't sink, I've had a free pass for two years'', explained Mr. Dancause.

He admits, however, that 'in the classroom, teachers' demands are higher than in virtual mode.

For teachers, the pandemic has also made it more difficult to manage behavior. They are now seeing what are called “popcorn kids.”

“These are kids who are more likely to exhibit explosive behaviors. They haven't learned to develop strategies to properly manage their feelings,” said Sarah-Ursula Therrien, psychoeducator.

At the academic level, there is some catching up to do. Moreover, the number of young people enrolled in summer educational activities has almost doubled in Quebec, rising from 46,000 to 82,000.

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