Accelerated training: future agents discouraged

Formation accélérée: des futurs préposés découragés

Future employees, who have answered the call of François Legault to fill 10,000 jobs to $ 49,000 are disappointed in the terms and conditions of employment proposed on the ground, to the point that many have left their paid training.

“I’m really insulted “, has launched Nadia Gonsalves Wednesday, just after a session of information on Zoom with representatives of the CISSS de Laval. “Me, I need a full-time basis. I don’t want a job that will give me half-a-pay”, she adds.

Just as Ms. Gonsalves, they are at least fifteen students have dropped out of the accelerated training attendants in CHSLDS, paid 9 to$ 210, available at the centre de formation compétences 2000, Laval. They were among the thousands of Quebecers who have responded to the call of prime minister François Legault to train 10,000 new agents over the summer. The prime minister insisted this spring that the graduates would obtain a full-time position, paid 26 $ an hour.

But Ms. Gonsalves and several students who have contacted the Newspaper and VAT New believe that their future terms and conditions of employment are contrary to those announced by Mr. Legault.

Not full-time

On the one hand, they deplore the fact that the CISSS could not guarantee a full-time job. “There are people in my course who have left a part-time job because they believed that it would be the full-time”, argues Nadia Gonsalves.

“The group was enraged”, she adds. “I would have liked that François Legault and the CISSS comply with their verbal commitments,” said Ms. Gonsalves.

Same story at the vocational training centre Charlotte-Tassé, Longueuil, following a meeting with the CIUSSS. “They told us : we don’t guarantee you that it will be a full-time, but you’re going to work a lot. They have repeated three times”, tells a student who wishes to remain anonymous. She thinks now she also leave the training.

Guaranteed salary?

In the same way, several students were surprised to learn that the salary of$ 26 per hour includes several bonuses, such as he had stated the prime minister, and only applies to students who will work full-time.

The real wage, on which is calculated the fringe benefits and the pension fund, is 20,55$. What will happen if premiums are not being renewed? “I think of those who have left their employment at$ 22 an hour, believing that they would be earning$ 26 per,” writes a reader with a close following the training at Joliette.

Three days guaranteed

The CISSS de Laval, we are ensuring that future agents will have the conditions promised. “They will have the agreed wage” of$ 26 per hour, ensures the information officer, Judith Goudreau.

As to the schedule of the attendants in CHSLDS, it works according to a work schedule of type “six fifteen”, that is, a minimum of three days availability per week. The rest of the time is on call. “Someone who is highly motivated and who wants to work, it gives us more availability, and it gives him extra hours,” says Mrs Goudreau.

“But if you ask me to be a guaranteed, full-time position, it doesn’t work like that,” she adds. The information officer ensures, however, that”there will be employment for everyone”.

Quebec corrects the shooting

However, only 130 posts are vacant for the CISSS de Laval (a hundred others will be added soon with the opening of a new CHSLD) for 305 students currently in training. But Ms. Goudreau claims that the employees today are “a lot of extra time”, not to mention the vacancies to be filled. “This reinforcement will contribute to provide some respite to the attendants, to reduce the extra time,” she said.

In Québec, the minister responsible for Seniors, Marguerite Blais was held to be reassuring. “The prime minister respects his word”, she said in the press conference.

At the end of the day, the minister wrote on Twitter discussions with the PDG of the CISSS de Laval. “The government has always been clear : we will offer full-time employees in NURSING homes with a salary of $ 49,000 a year. It’s going to apply”, she assured.


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