Accept your hypersensitivity

Accepting your hypersensitivity


Some people are hypersensitive without really knowing it. On the other hand, they know that they are different from the other members of their entourage. In her book, the author Margaux Vincent, herself hypersensitive, dissects the emotions leading to hypersensitivity to learn to live in complete serenity.

“I'm too sensitive, too dynamic, too bubbly, too sad, too angry, too loving, too idealistic, too everything,” says author Margaux Vincent. 

“In addition, I have ADHD. “

If Margaux Vincent had various problems as a teenager, in particular eating disorders, it was because she had trouble understanding herself knowing that she was different from the others. 

“I spent 20 years of my life ignoring my atypical functioning. Not understanding why I had such powerful emotions, such a strong maladjustment to the school system and why I was scattered and tired so quickly,” she underlines. 

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Too full of emotion

While it took 20 years to figure out what was wrong, Margaux Vincent has made it her mission to help those who are in the same situation as her, by offering coaching and support. 

Moreover, several possible solutions are mentioned in his book in order to learn to live in complete serenity, despite hypersensitivity, starting by getting to know yourself well and knowing how to surround yourself well. Which is not always easy, because often even parents cannot understand this difference. They will wonder why their child is so emotional, so sensitive and so impulsive. The same goes with friends and spouses. 

The author offers exercises and quizzesto get to know and understand each other better in order to avoid several relational difficulties. 

You must also learn not to sabotage your relationships while healing your emotional wounds and avoiding emotional dependence.

Hypersensitive people are often invaded by their emotions, and we must therefore learn to evacuate this overflow of emotion. You can do this by playing a sport, by expressing yourself through writing, speaking, or even by practicing an art form. Moreover, artists are often hypersensitive beings, like actors for whom this can become a great quality, since this is how they learn to fully experience an emotion in order to transmit it to the public. 

However, too much emotion can lead to an imbalance, hence the importance of being fully aware of it.

“I chose to laugh about it, to talk about it with my loved ones, to embrace it”, confides the author.

Managing to accept yourself

Margaux Vincent emphasizes in his book the importance of learning to accept yourself. “You have to stop believing that you are crazy”, she proclaims.

Better understanding, better accepting yourself leads to a certain wisdom.

“Today, I am interested in spirituality, in the wounds of the soul, and I find meaning in my life. I use my empathy, I also understand that you can't change people, you can only change yourself,” she concludes.