Access match Grenoble – MHR: Doumayrou replacing and Vincent absent, what to remember from the match lineups

Access match Grenoble - MHR: Doumayrou replacing and Vincent absent, what to remember from the match lineups

Geoffrey Doumayrou, 34 ans, va disputer sa dernière rencontre en Top 14 sur le banc. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

Découvrez les compositions de l'access-match entre Grenoble et Montpellier, joué ce dimanche 16 juin à 18h au stade des Alpes.

Les équipes

MONTPELLIER : Tisseron – Lam, Cadot, Serfontein, Ngandebe – (o) Carbonel, (m) Reinach – Bécognée, Nouchi (c), Van Rensburg – Chalureau, Duguid – Japaridze, Karkadze, Erdocio.
Substitutes : Tolofua, Forletta, Verhaeghe, Tauleigne, Dakuwaqa, Coly, Doumayrou, Lamositele.

GRENOBLE : Farnoux – Hulleu, Fusier, Hepetema, Farissier – (o) Davies, (m) Escande – Blanc-Mappaz (c) , Muarua, Martel – Philipps, Lainault – Aptsiauri, Massa, Gauthier.
Substitutes : Rossi, Goginava, Javakhia, Madeira, Couilloud, Clément, Trouilloud, Montagne.

Surprise when the composition was announced. No Arthur Vincent on the scoresheet. The Montpellier center, although suitable, was not selected.

In a crucial match like this, could the Montpellier fibre have been favoured? ? "The players all play with the same jersey. Frankly, in the team composition, [the Montpellier fibre] did not come into play. We fielded the most coherent team possible for us", commented manager Patrice Collazo. Geoffrey Doumayrou, for his last on the rugby pitch, is expected on the bench. Auguste Cadot, on the other hand, is rewarded for his excellent season.

6-2 bench

Note that the staff opted for a 6-2 bench, with Masivesi Dakuwaqa as an all-rounder. Hoping that Julien Tisseron, the only full-back on the team sheet, doesn't have a physical problem.

Finally, as announced during the week, Yacouba Camara (concussion) and Sam Simmonds (calf), two key players in this group, are out.

Escande starts

In the opposing camp, few surprises. Scrum-half Eric Escande, trained at Montpellier, will be starting and will face his favorite club. Captain Steve Blanc-Mappaz will be starting for the 33rd time this season, a record!

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