Access-match Grenoble – MHR: to get by and keep its place in the Top 14, Montpellier was able to count on a winning quinté

Access-match Grenoble - MHR: to get by and keep its place in the Top 14, Montpellier was able to count on a winning quinté

Louis Carbonel a montré la voie. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Louis Carbonel, Alexandre Bécognée, Enzo Forletta, Ben Lam et Gabriel Ngandebe, ils sont cinq à avoir haussé leur niveau de jeu pour permettre au MHR de conserver sa place dans l'élite du rugby français.

It’s in the big matches that we see the great players. The MHR, on the brink of the abyss, relied on five providential men, who came out on top at the best time of the season.

Today, we will not talk about Jan Serfontein or his young captain Lenni Nouchi, often at ease this season, like on the Grenoble meadow. This is another more unexpected quinté, which bluffed to keep the MHR in the Elite. Louis Carbonel, who arrived at the club the post-title season, kept the team at arm's length for a long time at the heart of the season, but was also guilty of some poor performances. Yesterday evening, at the foot of the Alps, the original Varois showed the example.

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In the tough in the occupation of the field, the Montpellier residents were able to count on the length of the game at the foot of their opener, to relieve them. Facing the poles, a four out of four including the penalty wins four minutes from time (10 points).
" “Carbo”, I trained him for 3 and a half years in Toulon, he made me win more matches than he made me lose & ;quot;, greeted Patrice Collazo, with whom the relationship was not always obvious.

Wingers leading the way

Before joining Stade Français, Louis Carbonel finished on a good note in the MHR jersey. Two 2022 title executives, who gradually lost their place during this season, were important on Sunday afternoon at the Stade des Alpes: Alexandre Bécognée and Enzo Forletta. The first fought from the start of the match and made 13 tackles and three scratches. The second was very active in the second half, often coming to the relay to put his team ahead. Two leaders found, and two moving arrows on the wings.

Leaving Arthur Vincent and George Bridge in the stands was not a bit risky ? The poker move nevertheless worked. Ben Lam and Gabriel Ngandebe, not always well regarded in the hierarchy of Top 14 wingers, showed that they had something under the hood, and the two offered themselves a try in the first quarter of an hour, perfectly launching the Héraultais.
Three crossings for the New Zealand colossus, and 75 meters gained by the Montpellier pocket winger, which allowed the MHR to pocket the bet.

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