Access match Grenoble-MHR: who are the supporters clubs who will support Montpellier during this play-off ?

Access match Grenoble-MHR: who are the supporters clubs who will support Montpellier during this play-off ?

Les supporters seront bien présents à Montpellier. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

Le Montpellier Hérault Rugby possède trois clubs de supporters officiels : les Clapas’Cistes, le club historique des supporters et le club du XV du MHR. Petite présentation avant le match décisif de Montpellier à Grenoble, ce dimanche (18 h).

All united around their team. The speech of the three supporters' clubs resonates with the same connotation: to be in solidarity with the MHR players for this play-off against Grenoble this Sunday (6 p.m.), after a trying season, and not to ;nbsp;leave with the flower in the gun.

Les Clapas’Cistes, "more family than anything else"

"A happy bunch of crazy people." This is how the association is defined by its president Sylvie Sidobre. Founded in July 2016, the Clapas Cistes have between 110 and 120 members. "We had 150 members after the title of 2022 French champion", recalls its president. "Les Clapas’Cistes are above all a family organization, more than anything else."

The association placed in the Murrayfield stand will be represented by 40 members in Grenoble to encourage the Hérault club. "We have a meeting with the Grenoble supporters club, Les Mammouth’s, to party before the match", explains Sylvie Sidobre.

Historical supporters club, the oldest association

Created in 2003, the CHDS is the elder of the other two and has more than 200 members. Gathered around conviviality, real friendships between members have been forged with the association to create "the rugby family", according to its vice-president Cathy Bravo.

Present in the stands of the MHR for more than 20 years, the CHDS has traveled almost the whole of France to support the Hérault club.

Club du XV du MHR, conviviality at the center of the project

The most recent of the Montpellier Hérault Rugby supporter clubs (founded in 2018) is made up of 63 members. "We started at 30, it’s increasing little by little. We are becoming more and more active,” says its president Sophie Asperti.

Placed in the Twickenham stand, the MHR XV club aims to unite around the team, but also to represent the city and the region well. Made up mainly of forty-year-olds, "the association would like a little more young people", regrets its leader, who has been following the MHR for more than twenty years.

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