Access to happiness

Accessibility to happiness


Being happy is not just a privilege available to others. Apparently, we all have access to happiness, but to get there, there are nevertheless certain conditions. Among these is the idea of ​​giving meaning to one's life or of setting goals to achieve allowing self-realization. 

Accessibility to happiness

41 minutes to be happy!, Géraud Guillet , First Editions, 126 pages

The attitude to adopt on a daily basis is certainly essential to live a fulfilling life. If you are devastated by every setback life throws at you, chances are life will be hard on you. Conversely, if you perceive each obstacle as a challenge, your chances of being happy will increase.

From the outset, it is important to avoid associating happiness with our financial means. Moreover, it was when the author, Géraud Guillet, went to the Philippines during a humanitarian mission that the idea of ​​writing this book germinated. 

«&nbsp ;Over there, I was overwhelmed by the immense joie de vivre of the Filipinos, a people yet in the grip of very great difficulties “, confides the author in his book. 

Comparatively, here we have everything to be happy, yet the sadness, disappointments or even frustration or anger that inhabit us too often take up all the space in terms of emotions to the point of darkening the path in front of us.

The others

It is said that happiness cannot be complete unless it is shared. Love, friendship and relationships with others are all part of the equation in order to find happiness. When we travel to countries less favored than ours, we realize that those who have little means are nevertheless very happy. Often, it is their notion of sharing with others that brings them joy in life. Nothing makes them smile. There are many families, and everyone takes care of the well-being of those around them. Caring for each other seems to be at the heart of their existence. No doubt we have some lessons to learn from their way of looking at life. 

If love attracts love, unfortunately violence begets violence. Thus, the author suggests building bridges between individuals to invoke peace rather than erecting walls, often associated with mistrust or even hatred.


In his book, the author brings testimonies accumulated over time on those who have found happiness. 

Among the seven pillars mentioned, is self-confidence. It is true that we are constantly in search of security from all points of view, it is the very essence of life. Nevertheless, it becomes essential to eliminate fear, especially that related to failure, and to move forward in life with confidence. It becomes imperative to have the certainty that we will succeed in achieving our own objectives. It is one of the main keys to open the doors giving access to happiness. The more confidence you have in your projects, the greater your chances of success will be, and simply the idea of ​​success will bring you a joy of life.

Even if in fact, it takes much more than a forty minutes to learn how to be happy, this book which can be read in less than an hour is certainly a starting point to give yourself the chance to be happy.