Access to the island of Orleans, held back by the wear and tear of the bridge

L’accès à l’île d’Orléans freiné par l’usure du pont

While the merchants of the island of Orleans to record a record throngs of tourists this summer, of endless repair work on the old bridge dating back to 1935 leading to significant slowdowns of traffic.

It is almost like in the time of the apples before the time. Since a few days, long queues of vehicles in the direction of the bridge to the island to settle down, sometimes up to the big curve of the motorway of the Capital.

The numbers of automobiles are carried on the boulevard Saint-Anne, to get to the island, and on the Royal road, to get out of it.

The deck is in bad condition

The cause : a series of metal plates affixed to the pavement at the south end of the bridge to the island, in the framework of reconstruction work on five joints of the deck.

L’accès à l’île d’Orléans freiné par l’usure du pont

Harold Christmas

“The world slows down to be able to pass on these bumps, it is what makes of cars accumulate as much,” explained the prefect of the MRC of the Island, Harold Christmas, in an interview with The Journal. Once on the island, at the very least, the movement becomes fluid again.

The elected members of the island had requested that the repairs be made this spring instead of in the middle of summer, “but it has not been possible,” says Mr. Christmas.

According to the current schedule, the work started two weeks ago and that took place night is expected to be completed by the beginning of September.

“These works will ensure that the bridge remains safe until the entry into service of a new bridge between Quebec and the island of Orleans,” noted the spokesman of the ministry of Transport, Nicolas Vigneault, noting that measures have been taken to reduce waiting times.

The construction of the new bridge is still scheduled for 2022, for an expected delivery in 2027, after which the current bridge will be demolished.

“We know that Mr. Legault will resubmit a bill to speed up the decision-making process, it is hoped that it will be successful in doing so adopt so that we can earn even a few months,” said Mr. Christmas.

Increase attendance

In spite of the slowdowns today, Quebecers are many to visit the island this summer.

“Currently, we have 50 % more attendance than last year,” reported the prefect of the RCM of l’île-d’orléans.

“As much as in the booths of fruits and vegetables, u-pick, among the various artisans, and even at the golf club of Sainte-Pétronille, we are looking forward to the influx of people,” said Mr. Christmas.

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