“Accidentally called” the girl caught the boyfriend cheating with a man

Deceived the girl requires the payment of one million dollars

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"Случайно позвонил": девушка поймала парня на измене с мужчиной

Beloved American women was cheating on her with another man

A resident of Nashville, Tennessee, has filed a lawsuit against a former lover, who accidentally called her during sex with another man. It is reported by news portal Scoop Nashville.

Who wished to conceal his name under the initials P. H. the girl said that she met Gregory Cole in 2010. In 2014 they started Dating, their relationship lasted four years. All this time the American was sure that her lover heterosexual and keeps her loyalty.

However, in April 2018 Cole accidentally called her during the meeting with her lover. The call lasted almost an hour and a half. During this time, the woman heard “obscene conversations and scoring a variety of actions that carried him and his partner.”

American tried to talk with Cole about what he heard, but he refused to discuss it.

After learning about the affair, the woman went to the doctor to be tested for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases. She was diagnosed with incurable genital herpes. American claims that to the relationship with Cole was not suffering from this disease.

The victim requires Cole compensation of one million dollars and accuses him of assault and battery, infliction of emotional suffering and fraud.

We will remind, earlier “Today” wrote that the Governor harshly took revenge on the lover, “likusasa” other girls. In addition, we wrote that the girl caught the guy cheating and revenge, disgrace him all over the world.

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"Случайно позвонил": девушка поймала парня на измене с мужчиной

"Случайно позвонил": девушка поймала парня на измене с мужчиной

"Случайно позвонил": девушка поймала парня на измене с мужчиной


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