According to Johnny Depp, the accusations of domestic violence made him a “Quasimodo”

Selon Johnny Depp, les accusations de violences conjugales ont fait de lui un «Quasimodo»

London | hollywood movie star Johnny Depp has estimated Friday before the uk court that the charges by the depicting in the husband being violent to his ex-wife Amber Heard had changed from ” Cinderella in Quasimodo “.

The hero of the saga “pirates of the Caribbean” continues in defamation in the High Court of London, the tabloid The Sun and its publisher NGN, which he accuses of having, in an article published in April of 2018, taken as a proven fact of allegations that he had hit his ex-wife, which he denies.

The actor, 57-year-old says that Amber Heard, 34 years old, has meticulously mounted a case against him during their two-year marriage, which ended with a divorce, breaking up in 2017, in order to advance her career at his expense.

“Cinderella “, a beautiful fairy tale princess, ” I have become Quasimodo in 0.6 seconds without having nothing to say “, he testified Friday, the fourth day of the trial, referring to this character hunchback of the novel “Notre-Dame de Paris” by Victor Hugo.

On Thursday, Johnny Depp was assured to the lawyer of NGN who asked him about his excesses have been weakened by his addiction to drugs to the point of being unable to hit his ex-wife as she alleges.

Systematically, he refuted the accusations of violence relayed by the advocate, Sash Wass, who has tried to portray as a person self-centered disconnected from reality. He said that it was Amber Heard, which is itself a consumer of drugs and alcohol after him, who was looking for the fight of chronic.

Thus, a dispute erupted in the evening of a feast given to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his companion, and in April 2016 in Los Angeles, at which he had arrived late after having received bad news on the state of its finances.

Johnny Depp told to be gone to bed, to ” avoid a new confrontation with Miss Heard about something that has not happened exactly as she wanted “.

But according to the lawyer, the argument escalated and he threw a bottle of champagne in the direction of Amber Heard, the missing. False, according to the star, who has understood that their relationship was finished when one day, feces were found in their bed – from according to him his ex-wife or one of his friends.

It has been denied by another incident in which he is said to have thrown a telephone at the face of Amber Heard, in may 2016. “She was screaming +stops to hit me, Johnny !” and when the security guards arrived, ” she was screaming still and I was at six meters away next to the fridge “.

Taking the relay to query the star, his lawyer David Sherborne asked him if he had ever hit a woman. “Never,” responded Johnny Depp.

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