According to the inspectors of the STM: the mandatory wearing of the mask will be difficult to apply

Selon les inspecteurs de la STM: le port obligatoire du masque sera difficile à appliquer

MONTREAL | The mandatory wearing of the mask will be very difficult to enforce in public transport in the metropolis, according to the union of inspectors of the Société de transport de Montréal (STM).

“We have no information. We don’t know who will apply and how it will happen. The days are advancing, it is summer and people are on vacation”, is concerned the president of the Fraternité des constables and peace officers of the STM, Kevin Grenier.

The government Legault announced on Tuesday that the port of the cover face will be mandatory in the transit from the 13 July to all passengers 12 years and over, not how it will be applied the regulation.

A grace period will be in force until 27 July, the date from which access to buses, metro and trains will be blocked to people who have the face uncovered.

Several questions remain unanswered in regards to the application procedures of the regulation.

“Is that my hand covers my nose and my mouth is seen as a cover-face? What is a balaclava did the job?”, launched Friday, Mr. Grenier, who hopes that Quebec will unveil by Monday the details surrounding the compulsory wearing of masks in public transportation.

Not enough inspectors

The obligation of the port covers face in transit may be impossible to apply in the 68 metro stations, and the 225 bus lines of the carrier montrealers, is afraid of Mr. Grenier.

“90 inspectors who move around as a duo, it’s going to bring a huge workload”, he says.

Even if he welcomes the decision of the government, the union believes that if a user refuses to leave a bus or an underground station because it did not cover face, the inspectors will have no other choice than to use force.

Kevin Grenier doesn’t understand why people who have committed criminal acts in the metro network can continue to attend as it is considered as an essential service, but not a user without covering face.

“The only solution that I see quickly, is to put two employees at each entrance of stations [metro], which provide masks to those who did not. Will they do this for one or two years?”, longs.

Several transportation companies are waiting for the details of the ministerial decree of the government on the compulsory wearing of the mask before putting the measures in place to ensure compliance of this rule.

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