Accused of 13 murders and multiple rapes, the “killer of the Golden State” pleads guilty

Accusé de 13 assassinats et de multiples viols, le «tueur du Golden State» plaide coupable

Joseph DeAngelo, the “killer of the Golden State”, who had terrorized California in the 1970s and 1980s, pleaded Monday “guilty” of 13 murders and dozens of rapes and other crimes before a court in Sacramento.

In the framework of the agreement negotiated with the prosecution, the serial killer, at the age of 74, it also needs to recognize the facts have long prescribed (kidnapping, attempted murder, burglary, etc) in exchange for the abandonment of the death penalty.

Frail old man wearing an orange jumpsuit of a prisoner, Mr DeAngelo came into the hearing room and pushed on a wheelchair and with, as all the participants, with a visor of plexiglas covering his face.

“Yes”, “no”, “guilty”, “I acknowledge the” facts”: it is a low voice and chevrotante that he answered the judge’s questions, agreeing to the terms of the agreement with justice, which aims in particular to avoid a trial long and expensive (approximately$ 20 Million, according to the indictment).

“The families of murder victims have waited decades for justice to be rendered to their loved ones, victims of sexual assault have waited decades,” said attorney Amy Holliday, noting that many victims and witnesses had died and that many others were now very old.

Close the procedure without waiting for will to the survivors and the families “heard the defendant acknowledge that he committed these acts and these crimes,” said the prosecutor.

The former policeman, who had scoured the whole of California and who has been apprehended only in 2018 thanks to its DNA, should be sentenced to eleven sentences of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

Mr. DeAngelo had committed the series of crimes between 1975 and 1986, raping fifty women and killing or brutalizing more than a hundred people in total.

The age of his victims ranged from 14 to 41 years. Most of his crimes had taken place in the vicinity of Sacramento, but some of them were held in the San Francisco bay area, and just south of the california coast, at the option of his moves with his wife.

He entered by breaking in the night with his victims, sometimes when the house was empty, hiding, and preparing. It agressait often women only when they were sleeping or couples, tying them, and then raping the women in front of their companion.

Joseph James DeAngelo was a police officer in California in the 1970’s until he returned in 1979 for shoplifting.

Initially, the crimes committed in the different regions were not connected by the investigators.

“Each time, he escaped, disappearing silently into the night, leaving the people terrified for years”, was launched Monday, the deputy attorney Thien Ho.

It took the DNA left at the scene of the crimes and of the intersections with the genetic information on a member of the family of the serial killer discovered on a website devoted to genealogy for the identify.

Placed under surveillance, “the killer in the Golden State” had been arrested in April 2018 in front of his home, in a quiet suburb of Sacramento.

The folder, which remained “cold” for long years, had also received a renewed attention thanks to a successful book, And I will disappear into the night, with Michelle McNamara.

Published posthumously in February 2018, he had a cardboard box in the bookstore and it was adapted into a docu-series for HBO, which started to circulate on Sunday.

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