Accused of drugging two people: singer Corneliu compared in the afternoon

Accused of drugging two people: Singer Corneliu appeared after- noon


Singer Corneliu will appear this afternoon to face two counts of administering a drug to two people.

The 39-year-old man will formally appear this afternoon at the Montreal courthouse. According to the prosecution, a first event occurred in August 2013 in Montreal.  

The second event occurred three years later, in June 2016 also in Montreal. This second charge relates to a second victim.  

However, it was not until November 2022 that an investigation was launched by the SPVM concerning these two events. Corneliu Munteanu was the subject of an arrest warrant on November 11 with a promise to appear on January 11.  

Arrested for a robbery at the Canadian Tire

The former participant of the second edition of Star Académie, released in 2004, has already had trouble with the law in the past. The singer had been arrested for theft and conspiracy following an incident at a Canadian Tire in Laval in the winter of 2018. Accompanied by his ex-roommate, Corneliu was suspected of having stolen kitchen items whose value was less than $200.   

An arrest warrant had even had to be issued since the former academician had failed to appear at his first four hearings.    

However, in the end, the artist was cleared after a stay of proceedings was pronounced in his file. The last reasons for this reversal of the situation were never disclosed by the defense due to a confidentiality clause. /em> that he suspected a lack of evidence on the part of the investigators.   

His co-defendant had pleaded guilty to theft, thus obtaining an absolute discharge.&nbsp ; 

More details to come…

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