Accused of having injured Zack Kassian: a trial to be redone

Everything has to be redone at the trial of the young woman accused of having injured the ex-winger of the Canadian Zack Kassian during a drinking night, since the judge who conducted the trial was on sick leave for an indefinite period.

“She is very disappointed, in addition to being on the nerves, waiting to be fixed on his fate”, said Monday the lawyer for Alison De Courcy Ireland, Me Andrew Barbacki.


Zack Kassian


Now for four and a half years, accused 25-year-old is facing a charge of impaired driving causing injury to Kassian, while the last one had just been traded to Montreal. The event occurred in the early morning, following a party, when the young woman would have taken the steering wheel of the F350 of Kassian and she would have ran into a tree. For the Crown, there is no doubt that De Courcy Ireland was at the wheel of the vehicle, while the defence argues that the evidence is not sufficient to reach this conclusion.

The trial was held last year in front of the judge Denis Mondor, except that the latter is not in a position to make his judgement, as he is currently off work due to sickness, for a reason which was never explained publicly.

“The absence of the judge Mondor is extended from one use to the other, without that there is no indication that his return is imminent,” explained the Crown in a query in order to request that a new judge is seized of the matter.

The request having been granted, the new trial will be held in October, has it been decided, this Monday, at the palais de justice of Montreal. And unless an agreement for the new judge based his judgment on the evidence already heard, and will be redone.

Following the event, Kassian was traded to the Edmonton Oilers, although he never donned the uniform of the CH for a regular-season game.

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