Accused of injuring a toddler to claim the insurance

Accusés d’avoir blessé un bambin pour réclamer aux assurances

The two Montrealers gathered at the bench of the accused to have injured a mother and her child of 3 years, by orchestrating a collision of cars in order to claim money from the insurance.

“My son was in my arms, he was crying, it was as if he was going to faint. Me, I had bruises and I still have trouble walking, ” said the victim, Monday, at the palais de justice of Montreal.

The woman, whom we cannot identify to protect the identity of his child, testified at the trial of Ishak Mahklouf and Dharson Devendran, aged between 22 and 26 years of age. The second is currently being held.

The two men, who maintain their innocence, are accused of fraud, of mischief, of conspiracy, criminal negligence and dangerous driving causing injury to a collision which occurred in June 2016 in the borough of Saint-Laurent, in Montreal.

“It was orchestrated deliberately in order to claim the insurance on the vehicle of Mr. Mahklouf,” said the prosecutor, Louis-Philippe Meek Baillot in his opening statement to the trial on Monday.

A Conspiracy

According to the victim, it all started when she received a call from Devendran to spend time in a parking lot. The woman, who was driving a Honda Accord 1998, had visited the site with his son, then 3 years old.

On the spot, the band was amused when Devendran and a minor have started talking in the car of the woman, without the presence of the latter. And then a few minutes later, the group asked him if they could bring the car in a service station.

Suspecting nothing, the woman agreed, leaving even the minor driving, she explained to the court. But during the trip, she says she had a bad feeling, that was achieved.

“Devendran spoke on the phone and gave directions, she said. Then I saw Mahklouf to arrive with his vehicle. When he went to the middle of the intersection, Devendran said : “go, go !”, and it was dark in the vehicle. “

The Honda Accord in which were the lady and her toddler.

To obtain 9125 $

Devendran would have then told the woman that he was going to tell the police that he did not know Mahklouf. This last was followed by a claim to its insurer, pocketing 9125 $ for the Infiniti G35 white rugged. The cash was used to repay a loan to Desjardins group, according to the Crown.

Except that the result of the investigation, the police determined that it was a fraud. In the course of the trial scheduled for a week, several police officers are likely to testify, including reconstitutionnistes.

The accused are defended by Me Bruno Bouthillier. During a suspension of the hearings, Mahklouf was assured that he was innocent, and that according to him, he will be acquitted.

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