Accused of pushing his pregnant wife off a cliff

Accused of pushing his pregnant wife off a cliff


A man accused of killing his pregnant wife by pushing her off a cliff in Edinburgh, Scotland in September 2021 was allegedly abusive in the months before her death, according to what has been reported before the court on Monday. 

In September 2021, Kashif Anwar, 29, allegedly caused the death of his pregnant wife Fawziyah Javed, 31, by pushing her from the 'seat of Arthur', a viewpoint from a height of around 250 meters which overlooks the center of the city of Edinburgh in Scotland.

The man is also said to have acted in a threatening and abusive manner at the whereabouts of his wife in the month leading up to, and even the day before, her death at an Edinburgh hotel, reported The Independent.

A witness called to the stand of the High Court in 'Edinburgh would thus have reported seeing the victim in August 2021 being blocked in the way, then torn by the accused.

“I just knew that something was not normal. She was just trying to distance herself from him and he was aggressive towards her,” said Nicola Lilly, 44.

Worried about her, the 40-year-old allegedly caught up with the woman to give her her number phone number.

The victim, who appeared “upset” and “frightened”, allegedly told her that the man in question was her husband.