Accused of rape, Justin Bieber responds to allegations

Accusé de viol, Justin Bieber répond aux allégations

Justin Bieber believes that “sexual assaults should not be taken lightly,” and it has, therefore, responded to the allegations against him.

As a true investigator, he has published several exchanges of emails and photos of what he was doing between 9 and 10 march 2014, the date on which a young woman named Danielle claims to have been raped by the canadian artist.

“These last 24 hours, a new Twitter account appeared to tell the story of how I was involved in a sexual assault march 9, 2014 at the Four Seasons hotel in Austin, Texas. I want to be clear. There is nothing true in this story. In fact, as I’ll demonstrate, I was not present,” wrote Justin Bieber on his Twitter account.

He then held the entire history of his stay in the city of texas.

“At the time of his story, I was doing a surprise for the audience of the SXSW Austin appeared on the scene with my assistant of the time at my side and I sang a few songs. What this person does not know, is that I was with my girlfriend of the time, Selena Gomez”, he says, adding as evidence a newspaper article confirming the presence of the singer and actress as well as pictures of his performance taken by fans and posted on the social network at the time.

The singer also demonstrates that he has never stayed at the Four Seasons, as stated accusingly. And he shared in the e-mail exchanges, and receipts of two places where he stayed to establish his claims.

“I stayed with Selena and friends in an Airbnb on the 9th, and the 10 we were in a Westin as our hotel reservation at THE Quinta, and not at the Four Seasons, has been a problem. Here are the receipts of the hotel dated 10”, added Justin Bieber, posting in another tweet the reservation in the Airbnb the day before.

The singer is also accused of rape by another woman named Kadi, who is the facts in 2015.

Justin Bieber has not yet responded to this second charge.

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