Accused of reckless driving a year after the tragedy

Accusé de conduite dangereuse un an après le drame

A trucker 58-year-old will face justice following an accident which claimed the life of a young woman of 31 years old from Lévis, on the Champlain boulevard, in September 2019.

Nearly a year later, the investigation has led to the filing of charges against the driver of the semi-trailer to be the cause of the tragedy. The victim, Petya Rosenova Chivieva, has been mowed on the 12th of September 2019 on the boulevard Champlain, Quebec city. It seems that she was walking on the sidewalk when he was struck violently.

The police Department of the City of Quebec has explained that the victim breathed the arrival of relief, but she was unconscious and she was bleeding from the head. His death was recorded in the hospital.

According to police, the semi-trailer that was travelling in the direction is would have taken the curve by encroaching on the sidewalk. The truck would then hit the lady. The scene took place close to the restaurant The Pig Crazy.

No history

The suspect, Réjean Houde, age 58, has been accused by way of summons on 5 June last. It must appear before the tribunal on 3 August for the following procedures.

The man from Saint-Apollinaire, without previous court, faces a charge of dangerous driving causing death. Such an offence is liable to imprisonment for life. At this stage, the Crown did not want to provide details on the evidence or on the behaviour of the driver at the time of the facts. We do not know the speed of the vehicle during the impact.

According to the legal literature, the offence is driving in a manner reckless or dangerous, which has the result of exposing the public to unacceptable risk. It is usually overtaking, speeding or non-compliance with the regulation. During the accident, the Champlain boulevard was closed in both directions for several hours in order to determine the causes and circumstances of the fatal collision.

The family has not commented, but in 2019, his sister-in-law had spoken to ” a death is unfair, outrageous and preventable “.

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