Accused of sexual assault, Deshaun Watson finally expresses remorse

Accused of sexual assault, Deshaun Watson finally expresses remorse


Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson finally admitted the harm he caused to the women who accused him of sexual assault on Friday. 

In a video released by the Ohio organization a few hours before Watson's first game in his new colors – a preseason duel against the Jacksonville Jaguars – he apologized, but did not offer an admission of guilt. /p>

“I want to say that I am deeply sorry for all the women who have been affected by this situation,” he said without emotion. I would definitely like to change some decisions I made in my life that put me in this situation.

“I will continue to move forward, mature and learn. I want to show that I am a person who has real strength of character.”

Watson is still awaiting the NFL's decision, after the circuit appealed Judge Sue's decision. L. Robinson, who had recommended a six-game suspension.

Commissioner Roger Goodell also wanted the 26-year-old quarterback to be suspended for one year because of his “predatory behavior” .

Recall that Watson was accused of assaulting several women during massage sessions. He has been the target of 24 civil lawsuits, 23 of which were settled out of court.

Video Credit: Cleveland Browns