Accused of sexual assault with a weapon, André Boisclair resigns

Félix Séguin and
Martin Jolicoeur

The ex-politician André Boisclair has just been accused of sexual assault with a weapon and with the participation of a third party, for an event that apparently took place in Montreal in January 2014.

“On or about January 8, 2014, in Montreal, […] by assaulting sexually [the victim], has committed the offence with the participation of another person “, one can read in the warrant of arrest referred to, signed by a judge of the Court of Québec, on Thursday.

André Boisclair, 54, faces two counts of the indictment, all on the same victim, who is not identified in the warrant by his initials.

As it is a term referred to, this means that the ex-head of the Parti Quebecois from 2005 to 2007 will be required to go to the police station on a date to be determined in order to take his fingerprints, then submit it to the court.

At this stage, it is not likely to be placed in preventive detention.

According to our sources, the POLICE has learned, by the end of the day Wednesday that the former member of Gouin and Pointe-aux-Trembles was to be the subject of the mandate referred to. The cabinet of prime minister François Legault would also have been made aware of the arrest of his former colleague pq.

The SPVM, the office of the Prime minister and the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions has refused to confirm this information.

Line dropped

When our Office of investigation has reached by telephone, Mr. Boisclair has hung up the line immediately after that we have identified.

Our calls to his office also remained unanswered. André Boisclair is now a lobbyist for the urban development Institute of Quebec.

In 2018, Boisclair had pleaded guilty to the charge of having refused to submit to an alcotest, and obstruction, for an event that occurred in November 2017 in Quebec city. He was sentenced to a $ 2000 fine and a driving prohibition for a period of one year. He was however released with a discharge to the head of the hindrance.

This time, if he is found guilty after a trial, he may face a maximum of 14 years imprisonment. There was, however, not a minimum.

André Boisclair resigns

Accused of sexual assault with a weapon, the ex-minister André Boisclair resigned from his position of president and CEO of the urban development Institute.

More details to come.

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