Accused of sexual assault with a weapon, André Boisclair will present at the police station

Accusé d'agression sexuelle armée, André Boisclair se présente au poste de police

The former politician André Boisclair was introduced to the operational Centre of the police this morning, in order to take his fingerprints. He stayed there for a little over three hours.

Wearing a surgical mask, Boisclair arrived at 8am to board a SEEN black. He made no comment. When he left, in a hurry of questions, he just say “two meters”, possibly to ask for the cameras to get away from him, before leaving the premises.

He is accused of sexual assault with a weapon and with the participation of a third party, for an event that apparently took place in Montreal in January 2014.

  • LISTEN to the chronicle’s court reporter Félix Séguin at the show Dutrizacon QUB Radio:

More details to come…

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