Accused to have beaten up an ex-investigator

Accusés d’avoir battu un ex-enquêteur

Félix Séguin

The three men who allegedly broke into the home of a former investigator in the organized crime of the POLICE to take him to have appeared yesterday at the palais de justice of Montreal.

Louis-Simon James, 30 years, Sandel Peter, 18 years old, and Yadley Deutz Saint Jean, 23, are accused of be introduced on Friday in the home of Pietro Poletti to LaSalle, where they would be threatened, kidnapped and beaten with a weapon, the ex-investigator.

The ex-investigator Pietro Poletti had bruises on her face following the assault he suffered at his home in LaSalle on Friday morning.

To 10: 15 a.m., three individuals have come to the home of the former investigator of the police Department of the City of Montreal (SPVM) before throwing himself on him, recognizing him on the doorstep.

The retired 59-year-old was then beaten in the upper body with a blunt object, possibly a bar.

His mother, 87-year-old, which he took care, also suffered minor injuries after having been shaken up by the attackers.

Witness of the scene

At the time they took to the leak, a witness of the scene would have been able to identify their license plate number.

The three men were eventually arrested at the foot of the Jacques-Cartier bridge to Longueuil.

According to the denunciation, the three individuals would have had in their possession a firearm semi-automatic loaded, even if no shots had been fired.

They are also accused of mischief under $ 5,000, to have deflated the tires of the car of Mr. Poletti front of him.

Of the three accused, only Yadley Deutz Saint John has already been in trouble with the law for a history of drug trafficking last February.

No reason for the moment

Yesterday, investigators had not yet identified the reasons that might explain the aggression, and were still looking to establish the list of those who would have grounds to take him.

According to our sources, the four investigators have been deployed full-time to solve the case quickly.

Pietro Poletti is a former investigator who specialized in fighting organized crime that was involved, since his retirement, many stories about the mafia.

In 2004, he had taken part in the arrest of the former godfather of the mafia in montreal Vito Rizzuto, resulting in his extradition to the United States to stand trial for the murders of three members of the clan Bonanno, New York.

The three accused are expected to appear tomorrow to Montreal for a bail hearing.

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