Acquitted of the murder of his wife: the prosecution wants a new trial

Acquitted of wife's murder: prosecution wants new trial


The prosecution seeks a new trial in the case of Ernesto Fera, who was acquitted last December of the murder of his wife Nadia Panarello nearly 18 years ago. 

On December 15, the 55-year-old man's trial, before Judge James L. Brunton, ended in a verdict of acquittal.

He had been accused on July 12, 2019 of the murder of the mother of his two daughters and spouse, which occurred on February 12, 2004, in their opulent residence in Laval.

According to the Crown, the trial judge “has erred in law by drawing conclusions of fact essential to the verdict which are not supported by any evidence or which are based on conjecture”.

She also criticizes him for having confused “the notions of motive not proven and proof of the absence of motive as an exculpatory element likely to raise a reasonable doubt”.

Crown attorneys in the case were Me Steve B aribeau, Me Alexandre Dubois and Me Nektarios Tzortzinas.

Fera was represented by Me Joseph La Leggia and Me Isabelle Lamarche.

Today marked the deadline for applying for call.

More details to come.

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