Action Saint-François begins its 26th season of activity

Action Saint-François will continue to clean the waterways of the Estrie this summer. Since operations began 26 years ago, 500 tonnes of waste have been removed from wetlands, marshes and shorelines.
The volunteers at Action Saint-François do not just pick up soft drink bottles and soft bar wrappings, says the organization’s biology director, Robert Léo Gendron. “There are a lot of pieces of cars. We find pieces, tires and even the carcass of the car in full. They are cut in pieces or lifted with a crane to put in a container, “says the director.

“Everything the human did, we found,” he continues. From pantyhose to golf balls to appliances and dolls, we did not hurt everything! There is trash from the 1930s to the 1970s. The plaque of a 1934 vehicle was already found. It was made an exhibition called Waste of Work and Garbage. ”

Before the 1990s, the environment was not fashionable among Quebeckers. Wetlands were not a priority. “People thought it was worthless. We could not do agriculture or build houses in a marsh. The concept of dump and landfill did not exist. It was when plastic arrived that waste production began, “says Project Manager Sarah-Claude Bergeron-Lafontaine.


Action Saint-François will continue its work this summer. In Estrie, the organization will perform three clean-up activities in Hatley Township, six in Windsor in the Watopeka River, and 16 in the City of Sherbrooke at nine different sites. The cleaning operations will be done every Saturday morning from 7.45 am to noon.

The organization also recalls its willingness to help citizens living on the waterfront to revitalize their banks. Residents, who must have revitalized their banks before October 31, 2018, can contact Action Saint-François for rates.

In addition, a series of conferences on the protection of water and the environment will take place in the fall. The themes are not yet known.

More information is available on the Action Saint-François website at or on the organization’s Facebook page.

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