Active search of love deprived married pensioner million

A man contacted police in January 2019

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Активный поиск любви лишил женатого пенсионера миллионов

A man cheated on a Dating site

65-year-old married man from India has complained to police after she paid a total amount of not less than 4.6 million rupees for arranging a date with a girl, but never got the desired, says Mid Day.

The Indian went to the police in January 2019. According to him, in may 2018 he went to the Locanto website that provides users with a range of services, including the ability to publish ads about Dating.

“I clicked on the line “entertainment” and asked me to register on another site. When I finished registration I got a call from a woman named World. She sent me pictures of three girls and asked me to choose one. When I did, it said that you have to pay 25,5 thousand rupees (RS 10 thousand) for Dating with a girl, then I will be able to meet her within a year”, — he explained to the police.

According to the man, he also took the extra money for other services, including 82,5 thousand rupees (32 thousand UAH) for the fact that his number was never transferred, 285 thousand (112 thousand UAH) for a contract with a girl for a year and 550 thousand (217 thousand) for the verification of his profile. Later he sent a girl named Rosie. He explained to the police that hung out with her a couple of times and met in person.

The man suspected that he may cheat once faced a lot of negative reviews on the site, through which talked to Rosie. He demanded to return him the money that the World promised to do so until January 10, 2019. But return he never received, and the World and Rosie stopped responding to it. Only then the Indian went to the police.

We will remind, in the capital, the crook foreigners poured sleeping pills and robbed them. In addition, we wrote how much time you need the Millennials to give your phone number on a Dating site.

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Активный поиск любви лишил женатого пенсионера миллионов

Активный поиск любви лишил женатого пенсионера миллионов

Активный поиск любви лишил женатого пенсионера миллионов


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