Activision Blizzard fired almost 800 employees

Activision Blizzard уволит почти 800 сотрудников

Will be closed the whole Studio Z2Live of 80 people.

The company Activision Blizzard has announced a global workforce optimization. As one of the top managers of the company, Bobby Kotick (Bobby Kotick) annual report of the Corporation, under reduction get more than 770 people or 8% of the total number of workers, reports the online edition of the with reference to

Will be closed the whole Studio Z2Live of 80 people, previously involved in the development of games under mobile platforms. Although the management promises that the overall wave of layoffs won’t affect developers, but rather a related field like publishers and various support services at Activision, Blizzard and King.

The main reduction will be in the North American offices, but the restructuring will affect the regional offices. Former employees will receive full severance pay, sick leave entitlement and holiday pay, and will be able to count on the help in future employment. Tellingly, the statement is made on the background of “the record financial results of Activision Blizzard in 2018”.

In the future, according to Mr. Kotick, Activision Blizzard will be investing resources in subscription-based services, and eSports, focusing on the following franchises: Candy Crush, Call of Duty, Overwatch, the Warcraft, Diablo and Hearthstone. These projects will receive increased funding from the parent company in 2019.

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