Actors from the “Harry Potter” was suspected of Roman

The actor published a picture together, which caused the suspicion of the fans

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Актеров из "Гарри Поттера" заподозрили в романе

Tom Fallon and Emma Watson

British actor Tom Felton, who plays villain in the new series, have issued a joint picture with actress Emma Watson. As you know, in the potterian they played Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger’s worst enemies.

Watch the video about how England has launched train to the places of filming of “Harry Potter”:

However, in reality young people are good friends. But a new photo posted on Instagram-page of the Volume, has fueled speculation about the novel actors. The picture shows the actors depicted in the home environment, while Emma Watson, dressed in pajamas, learning to play the guitar.

“Quick learner,” said Tom Felton, who, apparently, acted as a teacher.

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Subscribers immediately suspected actors in a romantic relationship. And some published in the review the word “Dramione” – a combination of the names Draco and Hermione. Celebrity still does not respond to user comments.

Earlier, the star of the “Harry Potter” Emma Watson was spotted out with the game programmer and the co-founder of Oculus VR Brendan Iribe. Young people together out of an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica.

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Актеров из "Гарри Поттера" заподозрили в романе

Актеров из "Гарри Поттера" заподозрили в романе

Актеров из "Гарри Поттера" заподозрили в романе


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