Actress Anna GRES: “Trying by his example to inspire others”

The actress told told how he was on the track of sustainability and mindfulness

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Актриса Анна Гресь: "Пытаюсь своим примером вдохновить других людей"


In the famous joke says: “spring show”. Indeed, hardly the snow melts, many of us have marveled at what garbage we live in. But every year in Ukraine is becoming more and more responsible people.

Today, April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day. In an exclusive interview Today.Lifestyle actress show “Muahahahaha” and the series “Curators” on channel UFO TV Anne GRES said as he began on the path of sustainability and awareness. Recently Anya sorts out the rubbish, takes him to the station recycling and campaigning to others for a healthy relationship to our planet.

Актриса Анна Гресь: "Пытаюсь своим примером вдохновить других людей"


– How did it happen that you started to sort the garbage? Woke up one day and realized that I need to be responsible?

– 4 years ago, I gave the first eco-bag, I went to the shops. The 4 years my contribution to environmental improvement was only that I used a little less plastic bags. Although the package with the packages at home still too.

But a few months ago on Instagram I saw storis Jenny Klopotenko, where he showed the rag bags that you can use instead of packs of t-shirts to buy vegetables and fruits. I was interested, I went to the shop, and from there to the page @nowasteukraine “Ukraine without smittya” is a non – profit organization that collects and recycles. The same day I started in the wastebasket to throw away organic waste, and everything else – soap, and piled on the balcony, then to get to this station.

– Tell me how it actually happens? At your house a few garbage cans? You sort trash and export it to a special organization?

Under the sink I have is a regular trash can with, unfortunately, a common plastic garbage bag (until I found biodegradable garbage bags), but I only throw organic waste and dirt after cleaning.

On the balcony I have two beautiful high cardboard box 60 l. In the one I throw away everything that cannot be recycled and that goes for high temperature incineration (cotton puff, wipe (dry and wet), receipts, product packaging, frozen food, etc.), and secondly, throw everything else (before that, my and the most compressed, if possible). Once a month we take these two packages and take to the station. All dismantled and laid out in different bags, which signed the package on burning give burning (burning cost is 50 UAH for a large package), everything else is free.

Актриса Анна Гресь: "Пытаюсь своим примером вдохновить других людей"


– What happened to your package with the packages?

– It is. Left only the most beautiful, the others were taken to the station.

– How your husband relates to this initiative?

– Supports, was involved. Also washing every thing there’s leftovers and dumps the waste into the correct containers.

– Now how are your trips to the store?

– I come with eco-bag and rag bags choose eggs, for example, in a box papier-mache, and not in a plastic container, pay attention to packaging.

Have not changed much in principle. I will still take all for recycling, so do not feel discomfort.

– What’s next? If you wanted something else to change? Saving water, electricity?

That’s what I did before. At home from childhood are energy saving light bulbs, water shuts off, if I never use it and so on.

Sometimes I write posts about it, read storiy and show that helping the environment is not difficult, trying by his example to inspire others.

– If you move the relation with the environment on relationships with people is easy if you break up with the so-called “toxic people”?

– Lately, Yes. Previously had pulled them, and then realized that I was wasting their strength and need to redirect this energy in the right direction. When stopped communicating with toxic people, it became much easier.

Актриса Анна Гресь: "Пытаюсь своим примером вдохновить других людей"


– What would you advise a person who sort of wants to be more responsible in terms of ecology, but does not know where to start?

– Pay attention to the packaging and choose the most environmentally friendly use minimum plastic bags (buy eco-friendly bags/shopping bags/rag small bags), recycle waste paper and glass. Use the thermo mug/thermos and take coffee with him. It is not a shame, it is fashionable. Think about your future and that of your children, start with yourself, the rest will catch up. Set a good example:). And everything will be fine.

By the way, “H&M” you can bring clothes for recycling in any form, in the “Kims” you can bring the packets for processing, in many stores you can take the batteries, and some “Silpo” saw bins for separate waste collection (paper, glass and plastic). Ask! And… watch the show “Muahahahaha” on Sundays at 20:00 on UFO TV.

Recall that on weekdays at 20:00 at the youth channel UFO TV out medical Comedy series “Shvydka”.

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