Actress demi Moore became a victim of the swindler

Актриса Деми Мур стала жертвой мошенника

The attacker used the credit card of a movie star, and spent her about 170 thousand dollars.

Hollywood actress demi Moore was the victim of fraud. The attacker stole her credit card, which spent about 170 thousand dollars. This writes TMZ.

According to the publication, the 35-year-old David Reid appealed to the American Express service and stated that the actress lost her credit card. After that, he somehow was able to catch the new released map.

A man was wanted, however, over time he was able to spend 169 thousand dollars on clothes in expensive stores.

Law enforcement agencies could track a rogue by the cameras. Currently, he is in County jail in Los Angeles.

Representatives demi Moore is yet to comment on the situation refused.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian singer Sergey Penkin was robbed of three thousand dollars when he fell asleep on the bench.

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