Actress Ivanna Sakhno: “Ukraine is the light, talented people and an incredible story”

Ivanna Sakhno – Ukrainian actress who lives and works in Hollywood

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Актриса Иванна Сахно: "Украина - это свет, талантливые люди и невероятная история"

Ivanna Sakhno

10-th Odessa film festival, strategic partner of the TV channel “Ukraine”, pleases not only the strong movies and new interesting meetings. So, the correspondent of “Today” was able to talk with the Ukrainian actress who lives and works in Hollywood – Ivanna Sakhno.

“Hi, I’m Ivanka,” that’s so easy, the girl reached out and met. Without further self-inflicted or pathos, she spoke easily about themselves, their roles in the movie (“Pacific rim 2”, “the Spy who conned me”), and the OIFF 2019.

– Ivanna, You are a member of the jury of the International competition program of the OIFF. When I received this offer?

The invitation I received six months ago, and the response was, of course, positive. First, I’ve never been to Odessa and always wanted to come to not the city. I spent a lot of time in the Crimea, because my dad is from the Crimea. But that was long ago. But in Odessa it was not possible to arrive. This is a fantastic opportunity to visit here. As for Odessa film festival, I have not had previous experience on a jury and it’s important to me. When I came here, I didn’t have any expectations. I was wondering what kind of people I’ll be working.

Актриса Иванна Сахно: "Украина - это свет, талантливые люди и невероятная история"

Ivanna Sakhno

I came here with an absolutely clear mind to see what will be the experience. I am grateful to all these people that are now working. The jury is incredible: smart, talented, with a broad Outlook on life. Interesting to lead a discussion with them, which is necessary and important. These discussions show a look at the movies from the other side. Although, of course, many things agree with him.

– A liability, perhaps a kind of fear feeling?

Of course I feel responsible. I respect the filmmakers, I respect the power that they invest. And I want with great respect to those films selected for the competition program. Of course, the movies are incredible. I am proud not only that I have the opportunity to be in Ukraine, but also the fact that in Ukraine there is such a festival which respect foreigners.

– A Ukrainian film have You managed to see?

– The last Ukrainian film that I looked at were in the competition program (Laughs). But recently I watched an old movie. Before arriving, I reviewed the “Lost letter”.

– In the Ukrainian language? Not in the dub?

– In Ukrainian.

Актриса Иванна Сахно: "Украина - это свет, талантливые люди и невероятная история"

Ivanna Sakhno

– On the red carpet of OIFF you was struck by his outfit. A network compared You with a delicate flower. How do You manage to stay in shape? Is there some kind of diet? Or formula a healthy lifestyle, perhaps?

– Health formula is simple – I am a vegan. Of course, between projects there is a particular diet. But when you’re on the project, you yourself become an integral part of the filming. So after the shooting, all I want is to sit down to eat soup.

Актриса Иванна Сахно: "Украина - это свет, талантливые люди и невероятная история"

Actress Ivanna Sakhno

– By the way, You had long hair, but for her role in “Pacific rim” had a haircut. Don’t want to grow long hair?

– No, no. To grow hair again there is no desire. Of course, I was excited when I was told that will have to cut my braids, and they were very long. But when I was cutting, I felt comfortable. In the end, there are wigs that you can use in your projects.

And in the last movie we saw in theaters “the Spy who dumped me,” you were with short hair. As You work in this project? What was memorable?

-Work on this character was very interesting. Because Susana (the film “the Spy who left me,” Suzanne Vogel – ed) was open to collaboration. It was a great concept of the heroine in the script. Who she really is. She was a negative character, the killer. But then it was fun to create the traits of her character, how she was as a person. It was an incredible experience and time to work with Suzanne.

Актриса Иванна Сахно: "Украина - это свет, талантливые люди и невероятная история"

Ivanna Sakhno

– Describe your typical, say, working day in the US? Do You have time?

On the set, in principle, everything is clear – there is a certain schedule that all adhere to. And in a normal working day need to read a lot of scripts, conduct meetings, work on yourself.

– You work a lot on going to the movies remains? If Yes, what was the last film I managed to watch?

– Of course, I go to the movies! Last time I was in the movie as once a day when I flew to Ukraine. And this was a movie Midsommar (“Solstice” – ed.) from the film’s Hereditary (“Reincarnation” – ed.) Ari Astaire. In principle, a horror film, but it’s worth it to be able to see it.

– How do You feel about your character, while viewing the film on the screen. Is there any thought: “Ah, was play, and could so!”.

– Yes, it’s part of the work. Therefore, these moments are constant. It is clear that when there is an opportunity to look at themselves after the project, is the need for further work.

Earlier in one of your interviews You said that parents rarely see each other and communicate only via SMS and only in English, so no accent? So until now?

-Yes, it is. But I’m with them, not that rarely talk… just rather talk here in English only. They can understand English. This is just part of development, part of that necessary foreign actress in America. I don’t pack less Ukrainian.

Актриса Иванна Сахно: "Украина - это свет, талантливые люди и невероятная история"

Ivanna Sakhno

– What roles would You like to play (comedic, dramatic, role COP)

-Any clear role yet. I think personally for me it doesn’t work. I think it can take away the focus from the readings of scenarios, from understanding the other characters. If you have thoughts of only one character. Although, of course, I’m interested in strong characters, who have work to do. I think every actor has such a desire. To play good female characters.

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– Who of Hollywood stars you’d like to play and why?

There are many artists that I get inspired. Tilde Suiton – she’s one of my most favorite Actresses. Emma Thompson. Also there’s the actress who, in my age group – Judy Chambers, who played in the Eve TV series the Killing (“Killing eve” – ed.). It worked very well on my hero.

-But cooperation, which the Director had dreamed (dream)

-Have classics, we are inspired by: David Lynch, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese. Jean-Pierre Jeunet – his work is an integral part of my childhood. Amelie was the first movie I’ve watched in 8 years. This film and made me fall in love with cinema. I really like the film Trainspotting Danny Boyle (“Trainspotting” – ed.), I like it… even impossible on the fingers of all! I note that there are a lot of interesting new people who have new interesting ideas and thoughts. Even here at the festival (OIFF 2019 – ed.) there are many good movies which Directors are film debut.


(finish the sentence)

– if the book,…the book of a psychologist How to Change Your Mind Michael Pollan, kotori opens Outlook in different parts of the world and can help people in psychology.

-if the alcohol, Guinness

– music for inspiration – there is a composer of Severson, his music is absolutely incredible.

– the President should or should not…the President must genuinely care about their country. And should not be part of corruption.

I don’t like…corruption.

-Ukraine is…light, talented, wonderful people, incredible history.

Earlier, Ivanna Sakhno in an exclusive interview told about how supported the woman-pilot Nadezhda Savchenko and Director Oleg Sentsov at the Cannes film festival and about life in the United States.

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