Adaptation of Kim Thúy's Bestselling Novel: 'Ru' Movie Poster Unveiled

Adaptation of Kim Thúy's bestselling novel: Unveiling the movie poster “Ru”


The poster for “Ru”, one of the most anticipated films of the year in Quebec, has been unveiled for its release next fall in theaters. 

Adapted from Kim Thúy's successful novel “Ru” by Jacques Davidts and directed by Charles-Olivier Michaud, who also collaborated on the texts, the feature film stars Chloé D'Andi, for the first time on screen in the Tinh's role. His mother is camped by Chantal Thuy (Nguyen), his father by Jean Bui (Minh), his brothers by Olivier Dinh (Quôc) and Xavier Nguyen (Duc). The host family is supported by actors Karine Vanasse (Lisette Girard), Patrice Robitaille (Normand Girard) and Mali Corbeil Gauvreau (Johanne).

This is an autobiographical novel. for Kim Thúy.

“At the first viewing of the film, barely edited, the great talent of the actors and especially the acting of the young actress Chloé already moved me deeply. At the second screening, the accuracy of the decor, the costume, the hairstyle amazed me, impressed, fascinated… At the 3rd time, the magnificent shots of Jean-François [Lord] overwhelmed me and the music by Michel [Corriveau] totally hypnotized me,” Kim Thúy said in a statement on Thursday.

“The last time, either the 25th, or maybe the 28th I don't know, when the film was in its final version, I cried from beginning to end, she continued. It was a return to my past as an immigrant, of my walk towards rooting, of all the love received. A sea of ​​emotions washed over me. A bit stronger and all the beauty of this film so delicately intelligent and so finely grandiose would have made my heart burst. Charles-Olivier has made a film that far exceeds my wildest cinematic dream. Thank you thank you thank you to the whole team for having dared to be sublime.”

The synopsis of the film is as follows: “After a dangerous sea crossing and a stay in a refugee camp in Malaysia, the young Vietnamese Tinh and her family arrive in Canada where they begin their new life. But for Tinh, adapting has its share of difficulties. Already shy and reserved by nature, she must learn a new language and integrate into her new environment. Haunted by the trials of the journey, Tinh will have to draw deep within herself the resilience necessary for her survival and her happiness”.

Recall that the novel “Ru”, published in October 2009 by Libre Expression, radiated in 43 countries and territories, being translated into 31 languages. To date, over 850,000 copies have found buyers worldwide. “Ru” and its author have been decorated with several distinctions, including the Governor General's Prize of Canada and the RTL-Lire Grand Prize at the Paris Book Fair. Produced by André Dupuy and Marie-Alexandra Forget, “Ru” can also count on author Kim Thúy as associate producer and Nathalie Tremblay as executive producer.