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ADDIK: everyone doubts everyone in the 2nd season of “Secret Classified”

ADDIK: Everyone Doubts Everyone in 2nd Season of «Classé secret”></img></p>
<p> UPDATE DAY </p>
<p><strong>Eighteen months have passed since the tragic conclusion of the first season of “Classified”. Rachel Miller is now the head of the Secret Service of Canada (CSC) and, more than ever, she distrusts the people around her.</strong></p>
<p>In this second version, which will be broadcast next fall on ADDIK and whose filming will wrap up in a week, it is in this climate of paranoia that we find the secret agent with a heavy past, she who was tortured in the Caucasus and betrayed by very close people of her.</p>
<p>*** If you haven't seen the first season yet, which is available on Club illico and on video on demand for ADDIK subscribers, the leaker alert sounds here. *** </p>
<p>Recovering from the mourning of her spouse and colleague Émile (Patrick Labbé), a mole in the pay of the Americans who was unmasked and eliminated by Valérie (Madeleine Péloquin) – information that Rachel is unaware of – the new boss of the SCC tries hard not to let anything appear. “She has taken control of herself, she has a new home, but we will feel her a little less strong this year,” said Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin.</p>
<p>“Rachel is almost always perfect, she rose through the ranks very quickly and she is a female director, it is still special, but she will lose her means and be completely isolated. Apart from Valerie, who is her guard dog, Rachel does not have many healthy relationships and there is someone who will have fun taking all of her relationships away from her.”</p>
<p>Rachel still composes, in the new premises of the SCC – which we could see during a set visit on Monday –, with the infamous Thomassin (Paul Ahmarani). His uncle Philip (Gabriel Arcand), a former spy, is still around, but it's a cold war between them.</p>
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She also crosses paths with her former boss, Adrian (Andreas Apergis), who is now a security consultant for a mining company in the Maghreb. When two geologists are kidnapped, Rachel's team must intervene and, at the same time, intercept a French dissident in this season of contrasts celebrating both our Nordicity and the warmth of Morocco.

Rachel can count on a newcomer, Maxime Boulanger (Louis-Philippe Dandenault), a guy in the field smarter than he seems. “He tries to fill Rachel's shoes, but it's difficult,” said the actor on the set.

Dangerous spy Irène (Leïla Thibeault Louchem) regains her freedom in nebulous circumstances – she killed the man who burned her eye in front of an RCMP officer – and helps the CSC “settle some stuff”, says her performer, adding, “It's a candy as a role; there are waterfalls, there are weapons, I'm good with a knife and people are afraid of me!”

To have fun, Rachel falls into the arms of Fabien (Sébastien Huberdeau), the teacher of one of her two daughters, who serves as her valve. “I've done a lot of bad guys, it's very nice to play a 'cool guy',” said Sébastien Huberdeau.

Rachel cohabits with her late husband's mother, Maggie (France Castel), who has a problem with the bottle. Maggie stirs up a lot of things wanting to know what happened to her son Émile, whose death is explained by a work accident… “Rachel is taken with hostages, with a problem of trust at work and with her step- mother who challenges her,” said Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin.

This time, the mysterious author François Pagé signs the screenplay alone, Michel D'Astous having limited himself to producing the whole thing by through his box Duo Productions. Mr. D'Astous is on sabbatical for four months. The 10 new episodes are once again directed by Stéphan Beaudoin.

From “Classé secret” to “Lac-Noir”

The shooting of the second season of “Classified Secret” ends in early April. Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin will only have four days off before returning to service on the set of the sequel to “Lac-Noir”, a detective and suspense series from Club illico.

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