Adirondacks: a breath of fresh air

Adirondacks: A Breath of Fresh Air


The pandemic has left us with two paradoxical traveler desires: to want to see everything and do everything in order to make up for lost time and to settle down to take the time to gently savor each experience. Planted in the boreal forests of the Adirondacks, Huttopia Adirondacks meets our two desires.

Less than a three-hour drive from Montreal, in the heart of the forest of Lake Luzerne, New York State, stands Huttopia Adirondacks. A 284-acre estate located just far enough from civilization to allow a real break in nature and just close enough to villages and outdoor activities to be able to savor everything in this verdant region known for its 46 peaks over 1200 m. What's more, in the company of your little traveler, if you feel like it!

Camping glamorous

We walk back to our tent along the paths covered in woodchips rolling our cart containing our travel essentials. The forest all around is already doing its job. The stress and the noises of the city are replaced by this soothing blinking between the leaves of the trees, this forest in which we sink with happiness, this silence accentuating the songs of birds, the joyful yelps of visiting dogs and the laughter of mini -adventurers.

We find here everything that pushes us to leave the city on a regular basis: diving into nature and the values ​​associated with it, put forward by this company of French origin for more than 20 years already. The importance of shared moments, the ecological and sustainable aspect, respect for nature, the promotion of local artists and discovery. The glamping aspectof this stay in the forest also makes us smile, us outdoor enthusiasts delighted to know that the returns from hikes and the nights will be soft and cozy.

Because unlike Huttopia Sutton, in the Cantons -the East, which offers rustic camping spaces, all Huttopia Adirondacks tents are luxurious. Our little house at the end of the trail has a bedroom with a fan, a toilet and a bathroom with shower and sink; running water and electricity included. Visitors are in fact free to choose the desired degree of luxury: electricity, running water. 

A wood-burning fireplace and a pretty outdoor terrace with BBQ allowed us to spend pleasant evenings cooking outdoors, observing the starry sky (the lover had even brought his telescope!) and reading while petting our baby dog with the only background music of the water churning in the nearby river. 

As for the all-wooden reception center, it serves as a meeting point, café (you have to drink there a smoothiefresh fruit!), pizzeria, games and reading room, terrace overlooking the long swimming pool and shop promoting local handicrafts and products (like beer).  &nbsp ;

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What to do near Huttopia Adirondacks? 

  • Hiking, the essential activity in the Adirondacks. There are family to expert level trails. A good choice: the Prospect Mountain Veteran Highway which, from its 2030 foot summit reached on foot (just over 5 km) or by car, offers a breathtaking view of Lake George and the Adirondacks mountains. 
  • Swimming at the beach in the village of Lake George. Good to know: Dogs have their own patch of this public beach, nicknamed Dog Beach by locals. Kayaks, boats and pontoons can also be easily rented. 
  • A short cruise on Lake George on one of the 200 year old Lake George Steamboat Company boats.
  • Discovering the small neighboring villages, including the pretty hamlet of Bolton Landing.