Adopted daughter Potap Kamensky showed what should be the p*PA

Приемная дочь Потапа показала Каменских, какой должна быть п*па

Natasha Horova, Bestin

today, 12:12

Adopted daughter of rapper Potap with his ex-wife Irina Gorovoy – Natasha horova active user of Instagram, which often pleases the audience with bright shots. The girl is not ashamed of his body and often shows online racy photos and also shows off many tattoos all over her body. So this time the model showed a hot beach photo.

As you can see, Natasha is depicted on the beautiful beach amid an incredible mountain landscape. She’s sitting on a pink stool with his back to the camera in a dark green bikini. This outfit and pose, emphasize juicy figure of beauty and every curve of her body. On the girl’s head Flirty hat, that it’s like she’s correcting hand. In the caption to the photo horova talks about the systems and recognizes that once was skinnier, but now she loves her body.

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We will remind, earlier ex-wife Potap horova showed Nude photos with her daughter.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that smeshnyuchaya Kamensky seduces Italians long legs.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Kamensky was shining and rich forms in tiny bikini.

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